Sunday, March 16, 2014

MG 00 Qan{T] by Pupupie

Hi Guys!!!!

I'm back!!! :)

After a year of making my first ever gunpla, (Gundam Virtue which you can see in this post) I made a huge leap forward and created my first Master Grade Gunpla - 00 Qan[T] Gundam :)

Another bonding time with my dadi :)

Ok! Let's get started!

First off, let's start with the unboxing.

The kit has around 16 plates, which was a lot compared to the 5 plates of my first Gundam build. Lots of plates means lots of small parts.

Hope I don't accidentally swallow anything :p

OK! Time to get building! (complete with determined face :P)
Let the building commence! :) Of course, we need to know which part goes where, so, time to review the instructions manual :)



Colored pages always get my attention even if I don't understand what's written :P

Lots of parts, lots of pages :P

Dadi helping me to cut off the parts from the trees :) Remember, us kids are not allowed to play with sharp objects without parental supervision :P
The first part me and my dadi assembled was the body unit and GN drive. We got a feel on how the build was going to be and we knew that it won't be that easy, but together, we knew we can do it! :)

The 2nd part we assembled was the head. It's the smallest part of the Gunpla kit so we wanted to get it over with or we might lose some of the small parts in my stomach or somewhere in the room. :P

Hello there Gundam! Soon you'll be connected to a body :P
Building gunpla can get a little tiresome... Peanuts anyone? :) (Kept telling myself that the head is not a peanut :P)

Whoops! I almost forgot, stickers and decals are also essential to make the build more detailed :)

I lost a sticker for the head because it's so small.. :(

We found the lost sticker one day later.. Guess where we found it.. :D

Tadaaaaaaa! :P
Next up, we assembled the arms :)

I was finally able to make this "That's my boy!" pose :) (For those not familiar, look it up on google) Ang cute cute ko talaga! :P
After 6 hours, we assembled the waist and leg parts :P
Wow! the legs are almost as tall as me.. I'd guess this Gundam will be taller than I am.:(

Then finally, after almost 14 hours of building, my dadi and I assembled the backpack and sword bits.. :)

The sword bits can be combined to make a big sword or they can also be attached to the shield to make a very cool looking shield. :) You'll see those below in the finished build :)

But first, before assembly, we need to draw some panel lines on the kit to make it more detailed and realistic :) My wiwo lent us some of his tools as well.. Thanks wiwo Wamel! :D

Aaaaaannnnnddd here you have it! Introducing, my Master Grade 00 Qan[T]! :)

My New Gundam Friend! :)

Here, he is all weaponized and detailed.. :)

With his big ass Buster blade and Buster Rifle.. :D

I showed my new Gundam to my brother Teddy May Heart and sister Babybear and that's when the trouble started. :P

00 Qan[T]: Hey you two! What are you looking at?!
Teddy may heart: We just want to be friends with you gundam :)

00 Qan[T]: I don't like friends! Let's fight instead! BUSTER SWORD!!!! :@
Babybear: Noooo! We don't want trouble! :'(
Teddy May Heart: Yeah we just want to be friends with you.. :'(

Pupupie: Hey! What do you think your doing to my siblings???! Babybear, Teddy May Heart, are you guys ok?
Teddy May Heart and Babybear: We're scared Pupupie :(
00 Qan[T]: I'm not scared you Pupupie! Even if you were the one who made me! WAHAHAHAHA!

Pupupie: I got your Buster Sword! Whose laughing now?! Wahahaha
Teddy May Heart: Yeah Gundam! What are you gonna do now?! Bleeeh! :P
00 Qan[T]: No!! Please don't hurt me! :( 
BabyBear: No Pupupie don't hurt him! I think he was just scared.. :(
00 Qan[T]: Yes Pupupie! It was just a misunderstanding! :(

00 Qan[T]: Please forgive me Pupupie! I'm truly sorry! I will be your friend forever! :(
Pupupie: I still need to teach you a lesson! No one bullies my siblings except MEEEE!!! :@

Teddy May Heart: You don't look so tough now Gundam!! :P
00 Qan[T]: No more!! Please stop!! I've learned my lesson! :(

BabyBear: Stop it Pupupie! It looks like he's learned his lesson..
Pupupie: Ok Babybear.. Gundam, do you promise not to do this again?
00 Qan[T]: Yes Pupupie, I will be your friend forever! :)
Pupupie: Ok.. I'm sorry too! Let me fix you up! :)

All's well that ends well! :)

And we got ourselves a very happy ending! :)

My dadi and I took about 16 hours completing this Gundam kit plus 2 hours in adding the decals :)


We also got some souvenirs after cutting ourselves multiple times. :P

My dadi plans to buy another Master Grade Kit so he's saving up for that and I'll have a new cool story to tell you guys!.

Until next time!!! :D

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